Hello, and how do you do?

Tapirs! Tapirs! Tapirs!

I am doing animal research,so I decided to make a PowerPoint on Tapirs.

Download my Tapir presentation


Math strategery

Math strategy on a napkin

My math (addition) strategy is to break the numbers to smaller digits to make it easier.


Man, my church is weird

Even though I’m not all down with Dr. Who, there’s something here for most anyone’s inner nerd to enjoy. Do all church youth groups have these kinds of problems? I certainly hope so…

Come by and visit sometime to find out for yourself.


Working on something new

My two girls, Baker and Maddie (9 and 8 years old respectively) both love to read, and now they are taking an interest in writing as well. So, being the web developer dad that I am, I decided it was time to start up a family blog. This is, hopefully, the first post of many interesting and fun topics to come. Stay tuned.